Something is shifting. I am getting to do deep work. Amazing to see people’s lives through their eyes and help them see their own light. I know for sure its not me. It can not be. Its well beyond my intellect and capabilities. I don’t bear the torch, I am merely a looking glass. It is sheer grace.

Gratitude fills my heart for these enriching experiences. Even the ones which I thought were the worst, blessed me with deep compassion.They were mere signposts. Thankful to my Masters, I have glimpses of the design, which perhaps they already knew. They showed me the path, but I(and my ego) had to discover it my own. The design will keep unfolding, I am sure. For sure the pieces come together one day and you realize the puzzle didn’t really matter. What you discovered in this process called life is really yourself.

Feeling blessed 🙂


The only thing we have to fear is fear it’self


Fear is a deep-rooted emotion in collective human mind. All our lives we are driven by fear.

Man is a social animal, why? There is security in the herd. Man lives in a cave, why? Man does farming, why? Man created societies, houses, buildings, gated communities, why? We do things that we don’t like doing. why?

All this is based on need for security, protection (against death, when it started). Its Fear! of death, of losing face, of losing identity, of being ordinary and what not. There is nothing such as social pressure. Its just a projection of your fear of losing face/identity/position/respect. And that loss is no less than death to our current un-cosciousness

Obviously we can take charge of this emotion. Either start owning it, accepting it or look back as to why we are having it. As we own it, it will lose control.


Clinical Hypnotherapy – Dispelling The Myths

ImageThe entire concept of ‘hypnosis’ is frightening for many people. Hypnosis is commonly misrepresented and misunderstood. When I inform people that I am a clinical hypnotherapist by profession, I am often greeted by stares and awkward questions like, “You won’t make me bark like a dog, right?” or “If I look into your eyes, will you be able to make me do anything you want?” The agonizing part about these questions is that all of it is not meant in zest – I can almost see the tiny flicker of fear in their eyes as they look at me rather warily. This article is just a small attempt on my part to dispel some common myths about clinical hypnotherapy.
Myth 1: The Therapist Will Be Able To Read My Mind.
Fact: It is a common misconception that psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors are mind-readers. This luxurious misconception is extended to include hypnotherapists as well. In reality, no one has the ability to read minds.
Myth 2: The Therapist Will Unravel All My Secrets.
Fact: Even in a state of trance, you have the choice of whether or not you want to speak. You will never be compelled to answer questions, under hypnosis, which you wouldn’t want to answer otherwise.
Myth 3: I Will Be Made To Do Embarrassing Acts, Such As Cluck Like A Hen Or Bark Like A Dog.
Fact: This assumption of hypnotherapy is simply on the basis of stage-shows or wrong portrayals by the media. Clinical hypnotherapy is a serious process that is used for the purpose of awareness and healing. It is not something that exists for entertainment purposes. You are always in control, even during hypnosis, and no one can make you do things without  your free will .
Myth 4: I Might Get “Stuck” And Never Be Able To Come Out Of Trance.
Fact: Hypnosis is a very safe process. It is nothing but a heightened sense of awareness. Under hypnosis, a person gains access to the deeper pockets of the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a natural state just like being in a state of sleep of being wide awake. Hypnosis is a natural state that naturally gives way to other states after a while. At any point of time if the individual does not wish to remain in the state, he or she can simply come out of the hypnotic state by opening the eyes, stretching, or simply communicating to the therapist to get him or her out of trance.
Myth 5: No Matter How Hard They Try, Nobody Can Hypnotize Me.
Fact: No one can hypnotize you against your will. In clinical hypnotherapy, we do not hypnotize people just to prove a point. If you are keen on resolving your issues through hypnotherapy, you will be able to get hypnotized if you just allow yourself to participate actively in the process. Hypnosis is nothing more than a deep process of guided meditation.
Myth 6: Under Hypnosis, I Will Have No Idea Of Where I Am And I Will Not Remember Anything.
Fact: Hypnosis is not a state of sleep. In fact, under a state of hypnotic trance, most individuals are more aware of their surroundings than ever before and they can vividly recall the experiences they had during the session.
Myth 7: I Have Never Been Hypnotized Before.
Fact: All of us enter a hypnotic state at least twice everyday – once, just before falling asleep; and a second time upon waking up in the morning before getting out of bed. Most individuals easily are in a state of environmental hypnosis when they are absorbed in reading a good book or watching a movie.
According to Debbie Bensching, hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and heightened, focused attention. It is like using a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun and make them more powerful. Hypnosis simply allows people to access their mind’s true potential.
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us…There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.”
– Nelson Mandela
Clinical hypnotherapy puts you in a state where you are more receptive to healing. The key is to allow yourself access to your own subconscious mind.
If you have any more doubts about clinical hypnotherapy and how it works, feel free to raise your concerns. I would be happy to provide clarifications.
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Blind spots, cord cutting and obesity

Some days back I was reading an article on our “blind spots”. These are the areas of our body that are often neglected. We do not like these areas. We do not pay attention, let alone the due love and care. These spots will often have dry skin, itching, abnormal hair growth, tight muscles, skin diseases etc. In a way “the blind spots” are shouting for attention. Despite of their shouting, we neglect them. Why?

Because we have our emotional traumas stored there. And we do not like touching the sites that have been hurt, do we? It is a defence mechanism that our mind creates to avoid emotional pain.

To give you an example,  for many of us our back is one such area. We are physically constrained in providing a loving touch to our own back, cleaning it properly. At a metaphysical level, our back represents receiving. And since we like to receive from outside we need to ask others for help when it comes to caring for our back. Who doesn’t love a back massage, releasing tension that we store there. relaxing those taut muscles of our back? Many of us do not like  our external sexual organs, anus etc. Apart from social conditioning of this life, we may have store past life traumas there.

How do we find blind spots? Just look for dry skin, itching, abnormal hair growth, tight muscles, skin diseases etc. Also touch each part of your body and see which parts react with fear, withdrawal, pain, muscle contraction in not just on that spot also any other place in your body. If you find any of these you have found your blind spots.

How do we deal with the blind spots:- The article suggested that we go around the blind spot. Start at the nearest possible area where you feel comfortable. Give a gentle massage in circular motion. Make circles bigger and bigger so as to slowly move towards your blind spot. Do this as process slowly as needed, and make sure your comfort with the area you are massaging is maintained. If there is any discomfort, go back to a smaller circle. And there will be a time you will be able to touch your blind spot without any discomfort. In effect you are using love to heal that trauma.


So then I started finding my blind spots and healing them one by one. One startling area I found was my umbilicus. This is where I was storing a deep trauma. Trauma of first separation, separation from mother – umbilical cord cutting. So yes, as I started dealing with that blind spot, I regressed to the cord cutting event. I felt all the pain and suffering that experience had. I released it.

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbilical cord has not yet been cut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our umbilical cord is our feeder, our connection with our mother. When we are born, placenta and umbilical cord is born with us. Some cultures believe that the placenta is a twin soul for us, and they even bury the placenta like a child is buried after death. Umbilical cord withers by itself naturally. By that time it transfers all the energy to us.

But today, we do not allow the cord to die its natural death, we cut the cord immediately after birth, and that marks our first trauma after coming to this world (See links below for article on not cutting the cord). Don’t you think it would be painful for a child to have a sharp cut? I wonder where the nerve ending in the cord report to? the child’s brain or nowhere?

Then came a realization. Most of us accumulate fat around sites where we have emotional traumas are stored. We do so because we want to hide the trauma from other people and ourselves. It is a body’s defence mechanism. Obese males have a pattern of obesity – “male pattern obesity”, in which they accumulate fat over the abdomen.


My thought are –
Males can not handle the trauma of separation from the mother, and they store that trauma in umbilicus hence they accumulate fat around the abdomen. Males most often have suppressed their loving caring feminine part. They are unable to overcome the cord-cutting trauma because, they are unable to connect to their “inner mother” – the internal maternal energy, which is very much feminine. Females on the other hand, should be able to connect to their inner maternal energy. And do not typically show the “male pattern obesity”.

However, these days where women are increasingly taking up masculine roles and suppressing the female energy in them, it is not uncommon to see male pattern obesity in females.

The conclusion is if you want to get rid of the belly fat, you need to connect to your inner mother. Love yourself like a mother does, allows others to love you. 🙂

Why do I judge?


Half of my life is spent in labeling and judging people and things around me. Good, bad, ugly, good for health, bad for health, cruel, loving so on and so forth.

When I label something as good, what I really mean is it is better as compared to me, or good to me. So it is always relative to me. In short I am not evaluating the other, I am trying to evaluate myself on taking the other as a standard.

And why do I need to evaluate myself. Because I need to prove to myself (or my ego) that I am good enough. And that’s because I do not believe so. So this moment on, I choose to believe “I am good enough” As I do that, this compulsive need for labeling & judging is gone. I open myself to receiving and giving unconditional love to all there is.

I blame my labeling on inherent duality of life. I say there is no flow of energy if there aren’t two poles and hence I need to have +ve vs. -ve. This flow, the creations that it brings are proof for me that I exist, I do, I am capable, I am good enough.

I need this proof because I believe not that I am already perfect. There is no proving. No doing. Only being and experiencing. The whole purpose of duality is to teach us transcend to it and go back to our true nature – unity, love, being, present.

Human Insecurity – Self correcting your self-doubt!

The Why About This

So where does one start?


Have you noticed that self-doubt is insidious, creeping in to infect you with an overwhelming sense of insecurity. And like an infection, once it has a good hold on you it can be hard to combat.

cultivateA few thoughts to consider as you gear up your personal armor to fight the disease of “Self Doubt”!

Cultivate the Compliments your receive. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you receive an honest compliment from someone about something you’ve accomplished. Great feeling isn’t? You can’t help it, you just feel better about everything, including yourself (self-doubt retreats a little during those moments doesn’t it?) – Compliment in return. Look for people and things to be sincerely complimentary about. Like the ripple effect, it spreads and it also rebounds back to you in a positive way.

Approach the Issue (A lack of faith in yourself), from…

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