Light – a new meaning

A powerful light shines in the dark.

Spark in the dark

There is no universal good vs. evil. It is defined by each person. The parts of myself that I do not like (because of any reason, social conditioning, my thinking etc.) are classified by me as bad/evil. And the parts I don’t like are thus suppressed. Just as children and cats believe by closing their eyes they are invisible. I might believe that those parts have disappeared as I can’t see them any longer. It is just that they are not chosen by me for the limelight.

These form what Carl Jung calls’ the shadow’.It is also seen as dark side. It is dark side in two senses.

First, as I have labeled the parts of me that I don’t like as evil, the shadow is automatically evil (and hence dark) by my definition.

Secondly, it is not seen, not in the limelight, this part lies in the dark – not to be seen until we reach out and flash some light onto it. I am unaware of it.

When healers and channels talk about light they are actually talking about bringing your own hidden aspects to light or awareness. Thus Conscious Awareness is the light. And anything that is in hidden from our awareness is the dark.

– Balkrishna

Paradoxically, the moment we flash a light, we come to awareness that it has been there for long. Since we are aware of it, and it is in light- it no longer is our shadow, it becomes our light.

In order to restore the wholeness of our being, our endeavors should be to accept all parts of us. Let go of judgement. Shine the light of awareness. When we become more aware, our sub-conscious pattern, come to the conscious mind. And that is when they come in light to be accepted.

The next step is to accept them as they are. That is – Love.

The term “love and light” makes perfect sense now. 🙂


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