Almost 2 years back I used to think I was an atheist. I believed only I can change the world for myself. There is nothing that can help me in that. In my own way my philosophy was that of a Karmayogi. I had debate with my parents and siblings around me. I found no reason to believe in God. In fact in 2002, I wrote an article on existence v/s non existence of God, for my college’s student magazine. In the last two years, I was exposed to many experiences which made sure in my mind that there exists a superpower and I am a part of it. It is with me all the time and it is true for all of us.

The journey that began after an amazing hypnotherapy session, has continued till now, and it will. The path has been as beautiful and enjoyable. I was led on this path.Who knows if there is a destination?  I just blindly followed. I found masters who guided me. And none of these was planned, I just went with the flow. I was not the one who was choosing really. It just came to me. It was a plan. This feeling- I have a definite place in the universe; there is a plan for me- is liberating. Its one thing that makes me  a theist.

I had a liking for understanding human psychology. I read a lot of books. In the last two years, however, a new journey started. This journey was not understanding by knowing theoretically, it was one of experiencing. I became a Reiki channel and got connected to the universal life force energy. I learned crystal dowsing  using the analysis of state of Chakra to access the universal knowledge. I learned level one of hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII).  And then healing in some form or the other kept coming back to me. I learned the Art of Living level one. I practiced living by intention manifestation, using Louise Hay‘s affirmations. Again I got another way of accessing the universal supra-conscious, tarot card  reading.

My master says, “It is not an accident that you land up at such courses. You might think you had the time and money to attend these and that’s the reason you did attend. It’s not so. This is a plan. I as a part of this plan am supposed to help you to move from one level of awareness to another. You are meant to be a healer.”

There are no accidents!

Shifu: The panda? Master, that panda is not the Dragon Warrior. He wasn't even meant to be here. It was an accident. Oogway: There are no accidents.


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